DISH CLOTH, 10 PIECES, ITEM# 805181, 洗碗巾 /高級洗潔巾 10 個
  • DISH CLOTH, 10 PIECES, ITEM# 805181, 洗碗巾 /高級洗潔巾 10 個

    SKU: 00805181

    DISH CLOTH, 10 PIECES,  洗碗巾 /高級洗潔巾 10 個  

    • Premium Material - These dish cloths are made of bamboo fabric, which can naturally repels grease, grime and stains. Elastic and resist shrinkage and wrinkles. Odorless and safe, durable and long lasting.
    • Incredibly Absorbent:  These cloths towels can quickly contain messy, greasy splatters, run-away coffee, juice and soda spills, strongly and easily removes oil and dirt.
    • Great for Cleaning Use:   These kitchen cloths are suitable for doing the dishes, wiping tableware, kitchen equipment, glass, furniture, etc.  They are soft and no scratch no damage to the surface of items you clean, good to tackle all of your drying, wiping and cleaning tasks.  And, they can be cleaned easily, with hang holder design, easily hang on for storing and drying.
    • Muti-purpose:  It’s not only a dish towel, but also a table mat that can avoid table damage from hot.  It also can be a cloth for drying hands, and it can be used for any other situation you need.
    • Fit Comfortably in Your Hand:    When you are cleaning tableware, just dampen the cleaning cloth with clean water, add a little detergent or do not add, and wipe the stains on the tableware.  
    • Eco-friendly:   The 100% bamboo fiber kitchen towel is skin-friendly, soft and smooth, do not prick hands.  The special structure of bamboo fiber enables you to clean the dishes easily with little water and dishwashing liquid.