APPLE CUTTER  不鏽鋼切蘋果刀 / 切水果刀

APPLE CUTTER 不鏽鋼切蘋果刀 / 切水果刀

SKU: 00801625

APPLE CUTTER  不鏽鋼切蘋果刀 / 切水果刀

  •  This upgrade apple slicer has 4 welding points on each blade highly attached on the central corer ring,which means it's stronger and more durable for daily using.
  • Easy Using:  Choose apples no bigger than 4inches,  aim at the core, push down the slicer to core through it, slightly twist and get rid of the core.  Then you get 8 even apple slices right away.
  • Helpful Time Saver:   Suitable for most medium-size round fruits such as apple, pear, potato. No more spending so much time on cutting or slicing, save your time and effort to enjoy fruits everyday. 
  •  Ideal Kitchen Gadget:  You can use this apple slicer to prepare healthy apple snacks for kids at schoool or quick apple snacks for office and parties.  A useful tool to prepare apples for pies or strudels.
  •  Mind the Sharp Blades:   The blades are ultra sharp.  Please clean it with the cleaning brush after using, also use a cloth to wipe dry or air dry to prolong the product lifespan.